PI Census and CPI Nominations

Each spring the CPI conducts a PI* census for every college/school/unit represented on the CPI (list below).


Census results are used to allocate CPI seats** to colleges/schools/units represented on the CPI. If a college/school/unit will have open CPI seats for the upcoming academic year, then a nomination and election process is held to fill the open seat(s). CPI members serve a 3 year term, beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31 in the third term year.

Click here for the 2023-2024 PI census summary and past summaries

Nomination and Elections

Using the most recent PI census list for their college/school/unit, PIs are asked to nominate college/school/unit representatives for election to the CPI. Nominees are asked to confirm their nomination by providing a brief statement on why they want to serve if elected. These statements, with links (if available) to the PI’s home page, are posted on the election portal through the CPI website. An election announcement, with voting instructions, is then distributed to the appropriate college/school/unit PIs.

After the election, results are distributed to the PIs and Heads of the college/school/unit holding elections and through other mechanisms as appropriate. After all elections have finished, an announcement of the incoming CPI members is distributed to the PI and college/school/unit community with representation on the CPI.

Click here for past election results (effective September 1st)

Colleges/Units Included in the Spring PI Census

  • Texas A&M University: Agriculture and Life Sciences (COALS); Architecture; Arts and Sciences; Bush School of Government & Public Service, Mays Business School; Education and Human Development; Engineering; Law; Libraries; Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts; Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Branch Campuses: Texas A&M University at Galveston and Texas A&M University at Qatar
  • Texas A&M Health Science Center: College of Dentistry; College of Medicine; College of Nursing; College of Pharmacy and School of Public Health
  • Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (PIs not adloc’d with the College of Engineering)
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Research (PIs not adloc’d to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  • Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Colleges/Units holding CPI elections for 2023-24 (and number of open seats)

Texas A&M University

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences (2)
  • Architecture (1)
  • Arts and Sciences (1)
  • Engineering (4)
  • Libraries (1)
  • Mays Business School (1)
  • Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts (1)
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension (1)
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Research (3)
  • Texas A&M Health Science Center – College of Medicine (1)
  • Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (2)
  • Texas A&M Transportation Institute (2)
  • Texas A&M University at Galveston (1)

*The CPI defines a “PI” as a PI or Co-PI on at least one externally reviewed and funded project or grant within the previous three years – see bylaws, Section 2. Representation, A. Definition of PI

** see bylaws Section 2. Representation, F. Allocation of Seats