2010 Election Results

Each spring, the Office of the Vice President for Research and CPI conduct a PI census. These census results are used to allocate CPI seats to the colleges/units represented on the CPI. Elections are conducted to fill newly allocated seats or those vacated seats due to expiring CPI member terms.

The 2010 Spring CPI nomination and election process was completed successfully and the newly elected members/officers, whose terms begin on September 1, 2010, are listed below. Before the election, the nominees were asked for provide a brief statement about why they would want to serve on the CPI if elected. Those brief statements of the newly elected or re-elected members are included below.

Council of Principal Investigators 2010-2011 Vice Chair Election Results

This election identified the one (1) CPI member to serve as the 2010-2011 CPI Chair.

  • Lawrence Rauchwerger (Computer Science & Engineering) – “Throughout my 14 years at TAMU I have been an active PI obtaining competitive research funds from federal funding agencies(NSF, DOE) as well as industry (IBM, Intel, HP).  For the last year I have been a member of the CPI and seen its activities. I recognize its importance and would like to contribute to its leadership. If elected I will try to work with the administration on implementing better policies in a variety of areas that affect the research climate at TAMU. I would like  to lessen the burden on the PIs of proving compliance with various policies. I will be very attentive on the new initiative to develop an export control policy on campus that could restrict the free flow of ideas and contacts with other researchers. I will strongly encourage change in the way Physical Plant operates on campus. I believe that its past and current modus operandi is stifling our investment in research and generates an avoidable burden, time commitment to most of us. In general, I will try to work with the administration to improve the transparency of its decision making process as well as our inclusion in this same process. I believe that will greatly enhance our and TAMU’s success.”

College of Education and Human Development CPI Election Results

This election identified one (1) PI from CEHD to fill the seat allocated to the college on CPI for 2010-2011.

  • Lara-Alecio, Rafael (Educational Psychology) – “If elected as a CPI representative for our college, I would listen to the needs of the PI’s in our College and represent PI’s at the University level.  More specifically, I have observed personally the following needs.  I would work to ensure that PI’s and Co-PI’s have the maximum portion of indirect costs and to receive sufficient recognition based on their grants work toward merit and tenure and/or promotion. In addition, I would recommend mechanisms to provide a mentoring structure for a new generation of junior faculty and doctoral students of grant writers as well as to find sources of seed monies to assist graduate and undergraduate students working with research, training and services grants/contracts at the national, international, state, and private organizations. It is also critical to work to secure an equitable policy related to the allocation of PIs’ portion of salary savings across the university.”

Dwight Look College of Engineering CPI Election Results

This election identified one (1) PI from Engineering to fill one of the nine seats allocated to the college on CPI for 2010-2011.

  • J. N. Reddy (Mechanical Engineering)“As an active researcher, I understand the needs and responsibilities of the researchers in the academia and the role of the institution in facilitating and supporting them. I will strive to represent these aspects, consistent with the research as well as educational mission of the university.”

College of Geosciences CPI Election Results

This election identified two (2) PI’s from Geosciences to fill two of the three seats allocated to the college on CPI for 2010-2011.

  • DiMarco, Steve (Oceanography) – “I am an Associate Professor and have been a member of the College of Geosciences since 1993. As a member of the faculty since 2004 and as a soft money Research Scientist from 1994-2004, I have considerable experience working on and leading large multi-investigator and interdisciplinary research projects. I am currently deeply involved in project management of two large and multiyear research projects. I am a strong advocate for research at Texas A&M University and I am very familiar with the multitude of issues that face researchers on a daily basis. If elected I will work for you and with the CPI to improve the research environment for research faculty and students and to bring relevant issues to the University Administration.  For more information concerning my research group please visit icop.tamu.edu.”
  • Richardson, Mary Jo (Oceanography) – “As an elected representative from Geosciences to CPI I would work toward an effective research environment for the faculty, research scientists and graduate students in the College. My qualifications include having served on the Advisory Committee for the Directorate of Geosciences at the National Science Foundation for 3 years.  I am a co-author on the recently released GEOVISION report – the strategic plan for the Geosciences at NSF.  I served two consecutive 3 year terms on the Board of Trustees at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research as well as several other committees at UCAR. Since arriving at TAMU in 1985, I have had continuous NSF and/or other federal agency funding.”

Texas Transportation Institute CPI Election Results:

This election identified one (1) PI from TTI to fill one of the three seats allocated to the unit on CPI for 2010-2011.

College of Liberal Arts CPI Election Results:

This election identified one (1) PI from the College of Liberal Arts to fill one of the three seats allocated to the college on CPI for 2010-2011.

  • Chester Dunning (History) – “I am a professor of Russian history. I have been teaching at Texas A&M University since 1979, and I proudly served in the Faculty Senate helping to create our university’s core curriculum. I have been a member of the Council of Principal Investigators since 2002 when I received my second NEH research grant that resulted in my 4th book, The Uncensored Boris Godunov: The Case for Alexander Pushkin’s Original Comedy (Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 2006). Like many other faculty members, I am concerned about the apparent haste, lack of thorough discussion, and lack of transparency in the recent shift of resources from TAMU to the TAMU System. The CPI is one of the few faculty voices on campus, and it needs to be strengthened.”