CPI Listservs

'List editors (in parentheses) are the only individuals able to send to these listservs. Note: distribution rights have been assigned to @tamu.edu email accounts. If there are alternative email accounts that will be utilized for sending out messages, please send to cpi@tamu.edu.

For those colleges/units that have multiple CPI members representing a specific College/Unit (i.e., Engineering, COALS, other), it may be beneficial for the members to coordinate prior to distributing messages to their respective college/unit constituents.

Ag-Ext-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in AgriLife Extension Services, not affiliated with COALS or AgriLife Research (Craig Carpenter, Gaylon Morgan)

AgriLife-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in AgriLife Research, not affiliated with COALS  (Michael Brewer, Ambika ChandraFugen Dou, Lee Tarpley)

ARCH-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in the College of Architecture (Ergun Akleman)

BCD-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in the Baylor College of Dentistry (Jay Groppe)

BUSH-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in the Bush School (Kent Portney)

BUSINESS-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in Mays Business School  (Korok Ray)

CEHD-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – Pls in the College of Education and Human Development (Jeffrey Liew, Oiman Kwok)

COALS-PI@listserv.tamu.edu - Pls in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences  (Fuller Bazer, Russell Cross, Martin Dickman, Micky EubanksElizabeth 'Betsy' Pierson, Penny Riggs, David Stelly)

ENG-PI@listserv.tamu.edu - Pls in the College of Engineering  (Jorge Alvarado, Ulisses Braga-Neto, Zach Grasley, Melissa Grunlan, Sheng-Jen Tony Hsieh, Daniel Jimenez, Jodie Lutkenhaus,  Ramesh Talreja)

GEOSCIENCES-PI@listserv.tamu.edu - Pls in the College of Geosciences (Ajeandro Orisi, Pamela Plotkin, Brandon Roark)

HSC-COM@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in the HSC College of Medicine  (Vytas Bankaitis, Kayla Bayless)

IBT-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in the HSC Institute of Biosciences and Technology  (Julian Hurdle)

LAW-SCHOOL@listserv.tamu.edu - PIs in the Texas A&M Law School (Susan Fortney)

LIBERALARTS-PI@listserv.tamu.edu - PIs in the College of Liberal Arts  (Sandra Braman, Steve Maren, Harland Prechel)

LIBRARIES-PI@listserv.tamu.edu - PIs in the University Libraries  (Bruce Herbert)

SCIENCE-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – Pls in the College of Science, College of Nursing and RCHI (Darren DePoy, Michael Hall, Christian Hilty, Alexei Safanov, Frank Sottile)

SPH-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in the HSC School of Public Health (Jan Bolin)

TAMUG-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in Texas A&M at Galveston  (R.J. David Wells)

TAMUQ-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in Texas A&M at Qatar  (Othmane Bouhali)

TEES-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – PIs in TEES, not affiliated with the College of Engineering  (Dean Schneider)

TTI-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – Pls in TTI  (David Bierling, Mike Lukuc, Denis Perkinson)

VETMED-PI@listserv.tamu.edu – Pls in College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (Loren Skow, David Threadgill)