Invited guests

The heads of various administrative units, faculty, and staff across campus, whose positions intersect and impact the research enterprise, may be extended invitations to attend a meeting(s) at the discretion of the incoming CPI Chair.

Invited guests attend open CPI monthly meetings as non-voting attendees for the purpose of enhancing discussions on those matters affecting the broader research community. 

2016 Invited guests



RJQ Adams

Distinguished Professors

John August

Dean of Faculties

Michael Benedik

Texas A&M University Vice Provost

Leonard Bierman

Chair, Faculty Senate

Julie Bishop

Health Science Center Research Administration

Kristi Billinger

Sponsored Research Services

Karen Butler-Purry

Texas A&M University Office of Graduate and Professional Studies

Carol Cantrell

Division of Research - Research Administration

Brad Clement

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) 

Joe Dunn

Texas A&M Transportation Institute  

Allison Ficht

Health Science Center Research Administration

Clifford Fry

Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study

Costas Georghiades

Division of Research - Senior Associate Vice President for Research

Diane Hurtado

Texas A&M University Federal Relations

Jorja Kimball

Division of Research - Research Development Services

Tony Knap

Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG)

Glen Laine

Texas A&M University Vice President for Research

Dimitris Lagoudas

Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

Tennille Lamon

Division of Research - Animal Welfare Assurance Program

Aline Lovings

HSSP - Research Compliance

Blanca Lupiani

Dean of Faculties

Christine T. McFarland

Division of Research - Biosafety program

Jon Mogford

Vice Chancellor for Research

Craig Nessler

AgriLife Research

Michael O’Quinn

Office of Governmental Relations 

Annapareddy Navasimha


Katherine Rojo del Busto  

Division of Research – Research Compliance Officer

J. Martin Scholtz

Division of Research – Executive Associate Vice President for Research

Annette Shenkir

Division of Research – Research Enterprise Business Services

Karan Watson

Texas A&M University Provost

Michael Young

Texas A&M University President