The December 9th CPI meeting was called to order by Dr. Helene Andrews-Polymenis, 2015-2016 CPI Chair. The agenda for the December CPI meeting can be found at:



Texas A&M University Capital Campaign Overview was provided by Mr. Mark Klemm, Campaign Director for the Texas A&M Foundation. The capital campaign (or comprehensive campaign which includes everything) is to move all activities and units of the university forward in a strategic, significant way. Four billion dollars is the perspective goal by 2020. As of October 2015, over $1.9B was raised. By the end of December, the goal is to raise $2.0B for the university.

What’s the capacity of our donor base? Where does the money go?  It goes where it is designated to go, the donor says where the money goes. Where has the almost $2B gone to date? $1.2 billion of the campaign have gone to various academic programs. Distribution of funds in the academic community is 40-45% college programs and activities, and faculty in the form of chairs and professorship.

$368 Million in research (nonproprietary and nongovernmental money given by individuals or corporations to support research)

Klemm’s overview begins at 06:22 on the video recording http://mediamatrix.tamu.edu/streams/547054/TAMU_Council_of_Principle_Investigators_Meeting_12-09-15

College Capital Campaign Priorities

The following Deans were asked to inform CPI on what the priorities are their college for the capital campaign, how these priorities were developed – particularly those that are research related, if research faculty were involved in this process (and if so how broadly). In addition, if the dean could think about/explain how the CPI or the broad research community could assist with development of priorities for the capital campaign, and in helping to fulfill the goals of the capital campaign that are already moving forward, that would be informative::

  • Dr. Meigan Aronson - Dean, College of Science (See 11:54 minute mark in the video)
  • Dr. Katherine M. Banks – Vice Chancellor for Engineering and Dean of the Dwight Look College of Engineering (See 26:30 minute mark in the video)
  • Dr. Mark Hussey – Vice Chancellor and Dean for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (See 36:00 minute mark in the video)
  • Dr. Paul Ogden – Interim Senior Vice President, Texas A&M Health Science Center, Interim  Vice President for Clinical Affairs, Texas A&M Health Science Center, and Dean of College of Medicine (NOTE: technical difficulty occurred so presentation was not recorded)

December 9, 2015 CPI Meeting recording can be viewed at: http://mediamatrix.tamu.edu/streams/547054/TAMU_Council_of_Principle_Investigators_Meeting_12-09-15