Dr. Helene Andrews-Polymenis, 2015-16 CPI Chair led the meeting. Dr. Andrews-Polymenis reminded everyone that the 2015 CPI Survey data in aggregate as well as college and departmental specific data files which are available for everyone to view on the CPI website located http://cpi.tamu.edu/archives/2015-cpi-survey-results. The two most priority topics that CPI agreed to address are: 1) the improvement of Sponsored Research Services (SRS) which Dr. Laine addresses in the recorded October 14, 2015 CPI recorded video (here to see the 10-14-15 meeting video); and 2) improving graduate student support.  There are other priorities listed in the 2015CPI Survey that are noted to be addressed at later meetings.

A SRS Transition and Services Operations Committee (TSOC) with faculty and CPI representation on this committee was formed with multiple representation (Helene Andrews-Polymenis – CPI, Wolfgang Bangerth – Faculty, and Les Morey – Faculty Senate). The featured speaker for October was Dr. Glen Laine, Vice President for Research (VPR) at Texas A&M University. Dr. Laine provided an update on The Division of Research and the transfer of Sponsored Research Services (SRS) to the VPR’s Office from The System Office effective September 1, 2015 and provided insight and update on how SRS will begin to align itself in order to assist PIs with their grants.  Dr. Laine provided a PowerPoint Presentation and noted that many of the recommendations that are being addresses were brought forward from the 2015 CPI Survey. He commented the CPI feedback that is received continues to be a great value and communicated his intention to keep CPI informed so actions continue to remain as transparent as possible from the VPR’s Office. He then took questions from the CPI community (click here to see the 10-14-15 meeting video and click here for 10-14-15 CPI materials).