Annual Report 2000

CPI Chair: Sharon Braunagel, Agriculture and Life Sciences
CPI Vice Chair: Max Summers, Agriculture and Life Sciences

Vision 2020 / Proposition 17
December 7, 1999 - Meeting of CPI with President Bowen & Provost Douglas re Vision 2020 and Proposition 17 monies

December 8, 1999 - CPI suggested 3-4 meetings a year with the President

January 10, 2000 - Follow-up Memo from Chair Braunagel to President Bowen

Jan 26, 2000 - Meeting with four university Presidents & Provosts re: TRUF initiatives which tie into these issues

February 23, 2000 - Follow-up meeting with President Bowen, Provost Douglas, VP Perrone, also Vision 2020 & TAMU Mission Statement

Indirect Costs
October 2000 - CPI and ECDP meet to discuss future action with Provost Douglas

March 2, 2000 - Provost Douglas responds with a memo requesting:

  1. a CPI representative from each college meet with that dean to understand the procedures currently used in that college for IDC distribution;
  2. these CPI representatives get together to share information and formulate precise issues to be addressed by the deans and Provost Douglas; and
  3. a meeting be held between the CPI leadership and the Council of Deans plus the Vice President for Research to discuss these issues.

April 2000 - Campbell, Rogers, Wellman and Webb polled deans for IDC breakdowns by college. Webb produced a spreadsheet of this information.

June 2000 - Further action deferred until the new Vice President for Research is on board.

Mission Statement for Comprehensive Research University
January 31, 2000 - Memo from Chair Braunagel thru VPR/APGS Kennedy to President Bowen with draft of a revised mission statement for TAMU.

February 9, 2000 - Chair Braunagel presented draft mission statement to President's Administrative Advisory Council.

February 9, 2000 - Mission statement forwarded to ECDP.

OMB Circular A-110 (Freedom of Information Act applied to Research Data)
September 8, 1999 - CPI members encouraged to write to F. J. Charney at OMB during feedback solicitation period. 24 responses were submitted via CPI.

Student Research Week
CPI continued its support of the annual GSC and RGS sponsored event. All PIs were sent a message requesting them to volunteer as judges for the various competitions.

Fellowship Recipients Benefits Options
Feb 2000 - This long-standing issue has been addressed by Human Resources with a list of options now available on the HR website.

Graduate Student Admissions
March 8, 2000 - An ad hoc committee on this subject was formed to address problems in the admissions process for grad students. Members: Fackler, Gardner, Morse, Woolley.

April, 2000 - Ad hoc committee met with Bill Perry. Perry agreed to form Graduate Admissions Processing Committee (GAPC). This group is addressing changes to the admissions process.

June 21, 2000 - GAPC and several graduate advisors joined CPI meeting to discuss new changes to admissions process and changes still needed. Dr. Perry summarized the discussion by suggesting the following goals for Admissions:

  1. Referral to department of raw materials in 24 hours;
  2. Department's admission decision immediately triggers a letter by Admissions to the applicant;
  3. Admissions office verifies that all official steps are completed following a positive admissions decision;
  4. Negotiate the need for application to be submitted before referral to a department. However, Perry noted that any changes to this policy must be approved the Board of Regents.


Graduate Student Recruiting
March 8, 2000 - An ad hoc committee chaired by Max Summers was formed to address long term improvement of graduate recruiting process.

May 10, 2000 - Memo from Chair Braunagel to President Bowen submitting recommendations for improving graduate recruiting

May 12, 2000 - Provost Douglas responds to Chair Braunagel:

  1. April admittance decisions expedited. Plans to improve admittance permanently underway.
  2. $1M targeted for graduate tuition beginning in FY 01, increasing to $3M in FY 05. 100 graduate positions to be added during each biennium.
  3. Changes to Executive Director for Graduate Studies position and reporting.
  4. New Vice President for Research to develop graduate program.


Intellectual Property
March 8, 2000 - The Communications group will address the needs for faculty understanding of policies on property protection, conflict of interest and exploiting emerging technologies. Terry Young with TLO will work with CPI on these issues.

March 2000 - Meeting with Terry Young to initiate discussions on technology transfer.

Vice President for Research Interviews
July 2000 - CPI members were invited to participate in the interviews held with the three VPR candidates. 10-12 members were able to attend each of four meetings and the group submitted a summary recommendation of the candidates to the search committee.