May 2015 CPI Newsletter

Included in this issue:  

  • Update from Dr. Mary Bryk, CPI Chair
  • Summary of CPI Executive Committee meetings
  • Update from Sponsored Research Services (SRS)
  • Update from Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study
  • Maestro Light
  • Update on 2015 PI census, CPI seat allocations and election results  
  • Sign up for notifications about Limited Submission Proposal (LSP) opportunities
  • Bulletin for Principal Investigators – Issued weekly by the Division of Research, Texas A&M University
  • Upcoming Seminars and Workshops for Texas A&M Researchers


Update from Dr. Mary Bryk, CPI Chair


To aid the CPI in bringing items to the attention of the administration, please send any broad research-related issues (and subsequent solutions) to my attention at or contact me directly at or 979.862.2294.

June 10th CPI meeting and suggestions for upcoming meeting schedule

The CPI Chair sent a memo on May 7, 2015 to President Young, inviting him to be the sole presenter at the June 10th CPI meeting, to share with the Council his vision for Texas A&M University, specifically his plans for enhancing and growing the A&M research enterprise. We will keep the elected CPI membership and PI community updated when we receive a response from President Young’s office. As a reminder the CPI schedule, which includes links to newsletters, agendas and past meeting videos, is available at  

As noted in previous newsletters, suggestions are welcome for updates/reports that may be of interest to the broader PI community for future CPI meetings or newsletters, or if you have other research-related issues you would like to bring to the attention of the CPI, please send an email anytime to me ( or to Jason Whisenant (

PIs can also engage their elected CPI representative(s) to bring forward college/unit level research-related issues that might be addressed with the appropriate administrative office(s) in the college/unit (click here for the list of CPI members by college/unit).

Recognition of incoming and outgoing CPI members

At the August 12, 2015 CPI meeting, we will recognize CPI members who have been newly elected or re-elected to terms beginning on September 1st. We will also recognize the outgoing CPI members whose first or second term expires on August 31st.  Colleges/units with open seats on the Council, as of September 1st, have completed their elections. The results and details of the elections are reported later in this newsletter.

As a reminder, meetings are webcast live at on Channel 20, and videos are stored on the “Archives” section of the CPI website. 

Summary of CPI Executive Committee meetings


The CPI Executive Committee (EC) met for its monthly coordination meeting on May 6th with invited research administrators from the Texas A&M Health Science Center, Texas A&M University, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, TTI, and TEES. Mr. Scott Honea and Ms. Cheryl Cato from the Texas A&M University Information Technology office provided updates on current initiatives and services available to the research community. Mr. Honea will discuss these in greater detail at the full May 13th CPI meeting

Dr. Penny Riggs, Chair of the Research Development Fund Advisory Committee, provided a brief update on the committee’s activities, noting that RDF proposals were due by 5 p.m. on May 8th. Dr. Riggs will provide an update to the full Council at the May 13th CPI meeting.

The group also discussed possible mechanisms of support for permanent staff in core facilities and agenda items for upcoming executive committee meetings (see below).

The CPI Executive Committee will meet with President Young on May 20th, with Chancellor Sharp on June 2nd and will have their next coordination meeting on June 3rd with research administration representatives from AgriLife, HSC, Texas A&M, TEES and TTI.  Summaries of these meetings will be provided in the June newsletter.


Update from Sponsored Research Services (SRS)


Delayed Awards from NIH: This Notice is to inform National Institutes of Health (NIH) applicants and grantees that NIH’s ability to issue competing and non-competing awards may be delayed for two weeks from May 19, 2015 until June 3, 2015.  Read more about it here:

NSF Issues FAQs for Uniform Guidance - National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Foundation’s implementation of 2 CFR § 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance).  These FAQs are available on the DIAS/Policy Office website. Read more about it here:


Dr. Jim Joyce, Customer Service Liaison –, 979-458-5852

Ms. Stacey Rugh, Communications Manager –, 979-458-8760

Update from the Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study


The Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study is in the process of assembling its External Advisory Board.  Thus far, there are six total members, all distinguished scientists and educators.  Each member is excited to be a part of the Institute and shares the conviction that the Institute can be transformative for Texas A&M in its advancement as a world-class academic leader. 

The Institute is completing its third year of operation, so is still in the formative stages. But it is now a proven concept and a proven tremendous benefit to Texas A&M.

The External Advisory Board annually reviews the activities of the Institute to provide guidance, advice, and recommendations.  A subset of these six members, along with some Faculty Fellows of the Institute, participated in a panel discussion earlier in the year about meeting America’s educational challenges.

The Director of the Institute, John Junkins, envisions adding three more members to the Board.  The additional members will likely represent prominent Aggie Alumni.

Our current six board members are:

Norman R. Augustine
Chair, External Advisory Board
Former Under Secretary, US Army 
Former Chair and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation 
Former President, National Academy of Engineering 
Chair, “Gathering Storm” studies on American competitiveness 
National Medal of Technology 
Read his recent University of Warwick Distinguished Lecture on the TIAS web site - 4.21.15 

Ray M. Bowen
Vice Chair, External Advisory Board
Distinguished Visiting Professor, Rice University
Former President of Texas A&M University (1994-2002)
Former Chair, National Science Board 
Former Division Director and Deputy Director, National Science Foundation 

Anita K. Jones
Professor Emerita, University of Virginia
Former Director, Defense Research and Engineering, US Department of Defense 
National Academy of Engineering 
“Gathering Storm” studies on American competitiveness
Former Vice Chair, National Science Board 

Linda P. B. Katehi
Chancellor, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis
National Academy of Engineering
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Humboldt Research Award

V.  Lane Rawlins
President, the University of North Texas (2010-2014), President Emeritus, 2014-- 
President, Washington State University (2000-2007)
President, the University of Memphis (1991-2000)
National Collegiate Athletic Association Board of Directors (1996-2000, 2006-2007)
Former Professor Economics, Washington State University, The University of Alabama, The University of Memphis

Herbert H. Richardson
Chancellor Emeritus, The Texas A&M University System
Director Emeritus, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University
National Academy of Engineering
Rufus Oldenburger Medal


The Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study expresses its appreciation for the valuable service these individuals provide to Texas A&M and the Institute.


Ms. Lisa Jordan –, 979.458.7988

Maestro Light


When researchers login to Maestro after 5/5/2015, they will notice major changes on the new landing page. A new version is being released that should improve navigation throughout the system and give the user a summary of items needed for their attention.

If using Maestro on mobile devices, there will be an even more simplified HOME and Worklist. A presentation showing the features in this release of Maestro Light is available here. The driving force behind the Maestro Light project was input from the PI Focus Group (SRS PIFAC team) and PI volunteers from different A&M System members. Once users get used to the new look, it will enhance system interactions. Work will continue to make the system more intuitive. If users have any suggestions or problems with the new look, they are invited to send comments to Ms. Leonarda Horvat at or to

Update on 2015 PI census, CPI seat allocations, and election results (effective September 1st)


The 2015 PI census and allocation of CPI seats (takes effect September 1st) were both completed in March 2015. Details about the PI census and the allocation of CPI seats for 2015 can be found at

Colleges/units with open seats on the Council as of September 1st, either from an increase in the number of PIs reported during the census or due to current Council members whose terms on the Council will expire, participated in an open nomination and election process for these seats. The elections for all colleges/units with open seats have concluded and the results are available at

The 2015-2016 CPI members (see full CPI roster here), whose terms begin on September 1st, are being solicited for nominations for the 2015-16 CPI Vice Chair position (term begins on September 1st, 2015, becoming Chair on September 1st, 2016 and Past Chair on September 1st, 2017). After the nomination period concludes (noon Thursday, May 14, 2015), the 2015-2016 CPI membership will vote for and elect a Vice Chair from the nominees who have confirmed a willingness to serve if elected. The election results will be publicized in the June CPI newsletter and through appropriate listservs.

 Sign up for notifications about Limited Submission Proposal opportunities


The list of current Limited Submission Proposal (LSP) opportunities, maintained by the Division of Research, is available at

To receive notifications about new LSP opportunities as soon as they are announced, email Ms. Shelly Martin at    

Bulletin for Principal Investigators – Issued weekly by the Division of Research, Texas A&M University


The Division of Research at Texas A&M University issues a brief weekly bulletin for Principal Investigators that highlights research accomplishments and projects, funding opportunities, honors and promotions, workshops, and other items that may be of interest to the PI community.

Click here to subscribe or unsubscribe to the bulletin. Click here to submit items for consideration for an upcoming bulletin.


Upcoming Seminars and Workshops for Texas A&M Researchers


The Division of Research (DOR) offers seminars and workshops throughout the year relating to professional development in research proposal planning and writing. All of these events are coordinated by Research Development Services (RDS), a DOR unit providing a wide range of support to Texas A&M researchers. The new RDS calendar can be found at