June 2015 CPI Newsletter

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Update from Dr. Mary Bryk, CPI Chair


To aid the CPI in bringing items to the attention of the administration, please send any broad research-related issues (and subsequent solutions) to my attention at cpi@tamu.edu or contact me directly at bryk@tamu.edu or 979.862.2294.

June 10th CPI meeting with President Young and summer meeting schedule

President Michael Young is our featured guest for the June 10th CPI meeting. Dr. Penny Riggs, Chair of the Research Development Fund Advisory Committee (RDF-AC), will also provide a brief update on the RDF-AC’s progress at the beginning of the meeting. More information on the Research Development Fund can be found at http://rdf.tamu.edu/.  

The PI community was solicited for comments and questions to submit to President’s office prior to the June 10th CPI meeting. Those items received and forwarded to President Young’s office were as follows:

  • What is your general vision/goals for the growth and enhancement of the Texas A&M University academic and research enterprise?
  • What would you like to achieve in your first six months at Texas A&M?
  • What does Texas A&M need to do to improve its standing in the U.S. and internationally?
  • What are some strategies to improve biomedical and medical research at Texas A&M and to increase federal funding at Texas A&M in these areas?
  • Please address the issue of “open carry” on the Texas A&M campus.
  • With the resignation of the Executive Vice President of the HSC, what are the plans to identify a replacement?
  • What organizational changes are planned, or have already taken place, for the HSC and other administrative units that report to the Office of the President?

For the July 8th CPI meeting, Dr. Glen Laine, Vice President for Research at Texas A&M University, will provide a full update on the Research Development Fund and other VPR activities, and we will also recognize those incoming and outgoing CPI members. The August 12th CPI meeting has been CANCELED.

As noted in previous newsletters, suggestions are welcome for updates/reports that may be of interest to the broader PI community for future CPI meetings or newsletters, or if you have other research-related issues you would like to bring to the attention of the CPI, please send an email anytime to me (bryk@tamu.edu) or to Jason Whisenant (jwhisenant@tamu.edu).

PIs can also engage their elected CPI representative(s) to bring forward college/unit level research-related issues that might be addressed with the appropriate administrative office(s) in the college/unit (click here for the list of CPI members by college/unit).

2015 CPI Vice Chair election results

The 2015-2016 CPI members (see full CPI roster here), whose terms begin on September 1st, nominated and elected Dr. James Batteas, Professor in the Department of Chemistry, as the 2015 CPI Vice Chair. Dr. Batteas will serve as the 2016 CPI Chair and 2017 CPI Past Chair. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Batteas on his election to this position.

Dr. Batteas’ election statement, and the results of the other college/unit CPI elections, can be found at http://cpi.tamu.edu/archives/elections/2015results.

As a reminder, meetings are webcast live at ttvn.tamu.edu/webcasts on Channel 20, and videos are stored on the “Archives” section of the CPI website. 

Summary of CPI Executive Committee meetings


The CPI Executive Committee (EC) met with Chancellor Sharp on June 2nd. The Chancellor’s office provided an overview of the legislative session. Some highlights include A&M System institutions receiving $800.8 million from Capital Construction Revenue Bonds; special debt service funding for the Center for Infrastructure Renewal; and funding for the following key projects: a BLS-3 research lab; new facilities at HSC in Bryan and money for a new facility for the School of Dentistry; and expansion of Instructional Facilities, Infrastructure and Central Plant at A&M Galveston.

The Legislature added $281.9 million in General Revenue (GR) to the General Academic Formulas to fund enrollment growth and to provide a small increase in the funding rate. The Legislature appropriated $40 million to the Governor’s University Research Fund Initiative to attract “nationally-recognized researchers and Nobel Laureates to Texas institutions of higher education”, according to the Governor’s website at http://gov.texas.gov/news/signature/20993.

Other highlights included the restructuring of the Texas Competitive Knowledge Fund to be known as the Texas Research University Fund (TRUF) with only Texas A&M and UT as eligible participants.  A&M also received an increase in research support funding and the Legislature provided additional funds for group insurance premiums for higher education employees and retirees.

The CPI EC met for its monthly coordination meeting on June 3rd with invited research administrators from the Texas A&M Health Science Center, Texas A&M University, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, TTI, and TEES. 

Dr. Penny Riggs, RDF-AC Chair, provided a brief update on the committee’s progress and Dr. Glen Laine, Vice President for Research, volunteered to provide an update on the RDF and other VPR activities at the July 8th CPI meeting. The committee discussed inviting research administrators to future CPI meetings from Texas A&M, HSC, TEES, AgriLife Research and TTI to discuss research initiatives that would foster broad campus-wide PI participation.

The attendees reviewed the remaining CPI meeting schedule for the summer and discussed the 2015 PI survey. The current and upcoming CPI officers will review the 2014 PI survey and make recommendations to update the survey to the full EC at the July meeting.

Update from Sponsored Research Services (SRS)


The Maestro team will be offering Research Portal User Training on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at their offices on 400 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South, Suite 400.  Email maestro@tamus.edu to register.  Additional training dates and times can be found here.


Dr. Jim Joyce, Customer Service Liaison – jrjoyce@tamus.edu, 979-458-5852

Ms. Stacey Rugh, Communications Manager – srugh@tamus.edu, 979-458-8760

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To receive notifications about new LSP opportunities as soon as they are announced, email Ms. Shelly Martin at shelly.martin@tamu.edu.    

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Upcoming Seminars and Workshops for Texas A&M Researchers


The Division of Research (DOR) offers seminars and workshops throughout the year relating to professional development in research proposal planning and writing. All of these events are coordinated by Research Development Services (RDS), a DOR unit providing a wide range of support to Texas A&M researchers. The new RDS calendar can be found at http://vpr.tamu.edu/researchdevelopment/calendars