Archived 2013-14 External Committees

List of external committees with CPI representative(s).

Archived external committees with CPI representative(s) serving

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2014 TOP Evaluation Committee

  • Texas A&M’s Tier One Program (TOP) was established in 2011 in order to encourage interdisciplinary research and creative activities which improve the learning experience for undergraduate and graduate students. Each year three to four proposals are chosen to receive funding for one, two or three years. Committee representatives will review proposals. If you are unfamiliar with this opportunity, please visit the following website (
  • CPI member serving: Jean-Luc Guermond (College of Science)
  • Length of term: n/a

Advisory Committee to Texas A&M Leadership Steering Committee

  • Representatives from across campus will serve on the Advisory Committee to the Texas A&M Leadership Steering Committee, who have been charged with thoroughly reviewing the PwC report.
  • CPI member serving: Niall Slowey (College of Geosciences)
  • Length of term: n/a

Council for the Built Environment (CBE):

  • Charge: Make recommendations to the President on all aspects of the campus built environment in support of the university’s core missions of teaching, scholarship and research, and engagement as well as to support the realization of the goals contained in Vision 2020.
  • CPI members serving: Paul Hardin (Science – voting member 2013-14), Emil Straube (Science – non-voting member 2013-14)
  • Length of term: Two years (year 1 – as non-voting member; year 2 – as voting member)


    Council for Strategic Budgeting and Strategic Reallocation Sub-Council

    • Charge: Make recommendations to the President on all aspects of the campus budgeting environment in support of the university’s core missions of teaching, scholarship and research, and engagement, as well as to support realization of the goals contained in Vision 2020.
    • CPI members serving: Mary Bryk (COALS)
    • Length of term: n/a


    Email Selection Advisory Committee:

    • Charge: Texas A&M has been reviewing options for migrating to a cloud-based email system. Before the university makes any decisions affecting this widely used technology tool, the committee will take a collaborative approach and gather perspectives from faculty, staff and students.
    • CPI member serving:  Terry Thomas (Science)
    • Length of term: n/a

      EPIK-Maestro Working Group:

      • Charge: Assist in the development of EPIK-Maestro, an enterprise-wide system to support researchers and research administration across The Texas A&M University System
      • CPI members serving: Beverly Kuhn (TTI), Terry Thomas (Science), Victor Ugaz (Engineering)
      • Length of term: n/a

        Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP):

        • Charge: An association of federal agencies, academic research institutions with administrative, faculty and technical representation, and research policy organizations that work to streamline the administration of federally sponsored research. Identify, test, and implement new, more effective ways of managing the more than $15 billion in federal research grants.  FDP is a forum for individuals from universities and nonprofits to work collaboratively with federal agency officials to improve the national research enterprise. The CPI representative to FDP will attend 2 – 3 meetings per year as a representative of the university, providing a brief report to the VPR’s office.
        • CPI members serving: Wolfgang Bangerth (Science), Terry Thomas (Science)
        • Length of term: Three years


          Graduate Student Copyright / IP Policies Review Task Force:

          • Charge: Look at inconsistencies in and identify issues with current graduate student copyright/IP rules and policies, to recommend changes, and to consider crafting scenarios that address who owns copyright in a variety of circumstances (e.g., independent research, funded research, as a result of/or in the course of on-campus employment, etc.)
          • CPI members serving: Jean Luc-Guermond (Science), Sandy Tucker (alternate – University Libraries)
          • FINAL REPORT


            Intellectual Property Constituent Committee (IPCC):

            • Charge: Review quarterly reports provided by the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) and make recommendations on policies and other matters relating to intellectual property affecting faculty to the Oversight Committee, which is chaired by the Chancellor.
            • CPI members serving: Wolfgang Bangerth
            • Length of term: Three years


              Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee:

              • Charge: Review the lab safety training documentation for lab classes (~15-20) offered in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Colleges and departments decide which lab classes will be reviewed. The instructor
              • CPI members serving: Susanne Talcott (COALS)
              • Length of term: One year


                Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) Comprehensive Administrative Review Advisory Committee

                • Charge: Review and analysis of A&M System administrative structures, processes, practices and costs. Performed in three phases. Phase 1 will focus on Texas A&M University, including the Health Science Center. Phase 2 will focus on regional universities and Phase 3 will focus on agencies.
                • CPI members serving: Lawrence Rauchwerger (Engineering); Eva Shipp (HSC- SRPH); Heather Wilkinson (COALS)
                • Length of term: Phase one will be conducted from September – December 2013, with 3 – 4 meetings.


                  SRS PI/Faculty Advisory Committee (PIFAC):

                  • Charge: Represents the interests and concerns of the System-wide research community in the area of sponsored research administration, providing feedback on OSRS service levels and best practices.
                  • CPI members serving: Terry Thomas (Chair) – representative for the A&M System Office of Research, Niall Slowey – Representative for CPI.
                  • Length of term: None


                    *Task Force on Research Data Stewardship at Texas A&M University:

                    • Charge: Identify, evaluate, and recommend changes to existing and/or available Texas A&M researcher services and administrative support; recommend ways to maximize existing resources to minimize impacts on an already constrained budget; Review policies and best practices at other peer research institutions, evaluate them for appropriateness at Texas A&M, and make recommendations accordingly. Define and make recommendations on University-wide roles and responsibilities for research data stewardship. Review current University rules on research data management and make recommendations for revising rules, implementing new rules, and/or instituting standard administrative procedures that may be needed. Review current procedures for tracking research data for the purpose of meeting commitments to research sponsors regarding retention, access, and other requirements on contracts and grants.
                    • CPI members serving: Lawrence Rauchwerger (TEES), Terry Thomas (Science), Sandy Tucker (University Libraries)
                    • Length of term: n/a

                    *Task force has not met since February 2013

                    *Texas A&M Meal Reimbursement Working Group:

                    • The working group is only expected to meet three times (the first being later next week) before it should be ready to submit a recommendation. Further details from the VP for Finance/CFO office are as follows: a Tax Consultant has advised that it is acceptable to have 2 reimbursement rates/amounts; one set by the Texas General Services Administration for state funds (general revenue) and a separate reimbursement rate for local funds.  The Tax Consultant has said Texas A&M should adopt the same reimbursement rates/amounts for all  Brazos County folks.
                    • CPI members serving: Lawrence Rauchwerger (College of Engineering)
                    • Length of term: n/a

                    *Task force has not met since February 2013

                    Texas A&M University and Texas A&M Health Science Center Merger Committee

                    • CPI members serving: Mary Meagher (Liberal Arts), Reza Langari (Engineering)
                    • Length of term: n/a


                      Texas A&M University Research Administration Committee (TRAC):

                      • Charge: Work with Texas A&M University departments and colleges on research administration issues.  Membership includes Assistant Deans from all college and five departmental center reps. Carol Cantrell chairs the committee and other leadership of the committee are Leo Paterra, John Crawford (Financial Management Office) and Joe Pettibon from the Provost’s office.  This is not a System committee or an SRS committee, so there are no representatives from TEES, AgriLife or TTI.
                      • CPI members serving: Terry Thomas (Science)
                      • Length of term: n/a

                      Texas A&M University Research Compliance Committee:

                      • Charge: To establish a communications network between individuals with research compliance roles and responsibilities and stakeholders (including faculty and researchers), enhance services provided to researchers, ensure coordination of compliance efforts, assist each other on developing and implementing enhancements to existing processes, procedures, and to share training resources and best practices. The Committee reports to the Vice President for Research.
                      • CPI members serving: Mary Bryk (College of Science)
                      • Length of term: n/a

                      Texas A&M University Multidisciplinary Accounting Committee (T-MAC)

                      • Charge: Contribute to documents and guidance related to how PIs split their projects among principals so that all participants will be able to sign off and to receive expenditure credit for their department/college, IDC return when appropriate and also have information to assist the department in charging salaries to the grant, etc.
                      • CPI members serving: Steve DiMarco (Geosciences)
                      • Length of term: n/a


                        Transportation Services Advisory Committee (TSAC):

                        • Charge: Provide advice and input to Transportation Services concerning policy, user fees, or other issues that affect the campus community; evaluate service levels and demands for new services in relation to their associated costs and the necessity of a self-supporting financial condition for Transportation Services; and develop a consultative process and communication plan to assure the campus community is kept informed about policy and price changes, in advance of implementation, to allow sufficient time for input from the campus community.
                        • CPI members serving: Sandy Tucker (Libraries)
                        • Length of term: One year


                          University Research Council (URC):

                          • Charge: Provides advice and assistance to the Vice President for Research on the development of research, research planning, and research policy. It is an advisory body that may consider any matter of policy and procedures regarding University research. The Council may make recommendations on the manner by which research is initiated and conducted in support of the primary teaching function of the University. The URC reports to the VPR.
                          • CPI members serving: Craig Kaplan (COALS)
                          • Length of term: 1 year


                            *VPR Search Advisory Committee:

                            • CPI members serving: Jeffrey Liew (Education and Human Development)
                            • Length of term: n/a

                            *As reported by the VPR Search Advisory Chair at the August 2013 CPI meeting, the VPR search committee will postpone its activities until the Texas A&M University President search is complete.